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Keynote Lecture: Mission possible!
Vreemd genoeg is prehabilitatie nog niet standaard ingebed in het perioperatieve proces. Als ‘leergemeenschap’ kunnen we daar  verandering in brengen. Lerend van het verleden, collectief missiegedreven werkend aan de toekomst en met maatschappelijk en economische impact. Mission possible!

Biografie Prof. dr. Nico van Meeteren
After being trained a physiotherapist, I did my PhD at the Utrecht University (Rudolf Magnus Institute for Neurosciences), and combined a staff-membership there with a position as associate professor at the Centre for Rehabilitation & Nutrition of the University Medical Centre Utrecht. In 2008 I was appointed Director of Innovation “Health for Life” at TNO, combined with a professorship at the Maastricht University. From 2015 on I served as Executive Director and Secretary General of the Top Sector Life Sciences & Health, as appointed by the Dutch Cabinet in 2012, coordinating the sector, as well as, from 2019 as assigned by the Cabinet Rutte III, the nationwide transformation of health and healthcare as urged by the Ministry of Health as part of the Mission-oriented Innovation Policy of the Cabinet Rutte III. Based on the societal, economic and scientific success in the first this assignment was in recently extended for another four years, 2024-2027, by the Rutte IV administration. I combine this post with a professorship “Perioperative Health” at the Erasmus Medical Centre.

My basic, applied and translational scientific research focussed during my entire career on the combination of perspectives of medical and applied healthcare experts, disease and (dis)ability related, with an emphasis on preventive approaches of the damaging effects of major life events for – especially elderly frail – people. Mission driven innovation for and transformation of health and healthcare via evidence based concepts, products and services that both serve society as well as economy via public-private partnership is key here. As a proof hereof in the context of this project-proposal is the ZonMw Parel, awarded to me in 2009 for the PORT-study, the study that demonstrated the costeffectiveness of prehabilitation for high risk CABG-patients.

Since my appointment in the national Top Sector LSH I left most of my former (inter)national positions, like chair of EUNAAPA and board member of CCTR and Body@work, and got involved in many national steering, visionary and advisory boards, like that of Health RI, RegMedXB, Nationaal Programma Hoofdzaken, Fit4Surgery and the NWA-route “Personalized medicine’, et cetera.

  • Programma 2024

    Keynote Lecture: Mission possible!

    Datum: 19 sep 2024Tijd: 09:50 - 10:15 CET
    Prof. dr. Nico van Meeteren, Executive Director Topsector Life Sciences and Health, Hoogleraar peri-operatieve gezondheid, Erasmus MC